A superb 2-way self-powered screen speaker delivering Hi-End quality and a perfectly flat response. The integrated european-built amplifier with DSP includes 4 factory made presets. A very warm timbre, and a perfectly distributed treble response thanks to the 90ºx40º horn, which can be rotated 90° for horizontal use. It creates the best sound reproduction possible for either VIP Cinemas, professional dubbing theatres or high-end home theatre installations featuring Dolby Atmos or any other immersive sound system available on the market. Finished with a high resistance polyurea coating, Hi-End connectors and a customizable faceplate in lacquered finishing.


Presets included:
1.- Cut off 63Hz
2.- Cut off 63Hz polarity reverse
3.- Cut off 80Hz
4.- Cut off 80 Hz polarity reverse





Bass - 1 x 15" driver with 4" Voice Coil

Treble - 1 x 1.75" compression driver with 1.35" Voice Coil

Horn - 90º horizontal beamwidth x 40º vertical beamwidth

Frequency - 30Hz to 20Khz

Power - Self powered unit, 800+400W with DSP

Sensitivity - 97dB/1W/1m. Max SPL 125.5 dB

Size - 1014 x 610 x 310 mm

Aurea 15 DSP

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Colour: Black