This formidable and amazing subwoofer screen speaker was born to work with our Aurea 26 model. A human ear will perceive the response from 20Hz. Their skin will experience other frequencies, much more difficult to define. It is delivered with two pre-configurations: for external amplification or as a self-powered unit.


Our passive subwoofer unit features a 21″ inch component to achieve the power and impact of modern soundtrack bass lines, reaching 20Hz. It features a high resistance polyurea coating, Hi-End connectors and a color customizable front trim in either lacquered finishing.
Designed for Dolby Atmos or any of the immersive sound systems on the market, cinemas VIP lounges, high-end Home Theaters or Dubbing Theaters.





Bass - 1 x 21" driver with 4" Voice Coil

Frequency - (-3dB) from 24Hz.

Power - 1400W AES, 2800W Prg.
Nominal impedance 8 ohm.

Sensitivity - 99.5dB/1W/1m. Half space. 136dB SPL peak

Size - 1474 x 877 x 369 mm

Aurea 21

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