With all our commercial cinema technology inside, this high-definition state-of-the-art surround system is suitable for any Atmos or Barco Auro high demand VIP Theatre installation. The special internal passive processor delivers the best possible response for a Hi End curve, with a very smooth EQ working. This superb speaker is delivered with a powerful 8″ coaxial driver, an U-bracket support for easy pan/tilt, and a Laser device to help adjusting the perfect aim of the unit.




Bass - 1 x 8" coaxial driver

Treble - 1 x 1" coaxial compression driver

Horn - Directivity 90º x 90º

Frequency - (-10dB) 60 to 20.000 Hz.Power250W AES, 500W Prg. Nominal impedance 8 ohm.

Sensitivity - 94dB/1W/1m. Free field
Max. SPL 117dB with musical criteria

Size - 248 x 248 x 280 mm

Aurea Coaxial 8

SKU: VIP760700
1.020,90 €Price
Colour: Black