This little speaker is only small in size, as it delivers a much higher sound quality than expected. Thanks to the technology inherited from bigger models of the same series, featuring a 80W 5″ inch speaker and a 15W tweeter, reaching 18Khz. This unit can me mounted on-wall using a specific wall support (not included).




Bass - 1 x 5" Lucas miniL 5 bass unit

Treble - 1 x Lucas miniL 5 tweeter

Frequency - 63Hz / 18Khz

Power - 80W AES / 15W AES

Sensitivity - 88dB / 98dB

Size - 17,9 x 28,9 x 24,3 cm

Aurea Lucas miniL 5

SKU: HC990154
542,43 €Price
Colour: Wood Finish