Our highly refined self-powered studio monitor. The wood returns to studio monitors as this model offers the most delicious musical reproduction possible, and a wide range of frequencies with a very characteristic sweetness. Its integrated european-built amplifier with DSP includes 4 factory made presets to fulfill every customer’s need. All of which makes this Aurea Lucas My Friend the preferred monitor speaker for film post-production studios. Varnish, lacquer or polyurea paint finishing, as requested. With Hi-End connectors and stainless steel hardware, it can be ordered in any color you may like.




Bass - 1 x 6" Lucas My Friend bass unit

Treble - 1 x Lucas My friend tweeter

Frequency - 38Hz/20Khz

Power - Powersoft 190+190W unit with 4 presets and internal crossover

Sensitivity - 87dB/1W/1m. Max SPL 107,5dB

Size - 22,3 x 40,2 x 32,2 cm


Note: Price does not include floor stands (sold separately)

Aurea Lucas My Friend DSP

SKU: HC990146
3.191,85 €Price
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