The jewel of the series, meant for LCR screen channels on both Home Cinema or Hi-End. A high performance piece of audio engineering that will deliver outstanding quality and flat response for your listening pleasure. Experience a new level of cinema audio at your own living room with this superb 2-way screen speaker. Includes an Open Dipole ribbon tweeter for the sweetest audible high frequencies, together with a 80×30° horn that leads to the best possible highly refined sound reproduction. The internal crossover with Mundorf components inside provides a smooth frequency division. Varnish, lacquer or polyurea paint finishing, as requested. With Hi-End connectors and stainless steel hardware, it can be ordered in any color you may like. Want to match your couch upholstery? Done. Simply.




Bass - 1 x 15" driver with 4" voice coil

Treble - 1 x 6,3" pleated diaphragm Dipole tweeter

Horn - 1 x 80º horizontal beamwidth, 30º vertical beamwidth

Frequency - 30Hz/23KhzPower780W AES. Nominal impedance 8 ohm.

Sensitivity - 98dB/1W/1m. Max SPL 126,8dB

Size - 44,6 x 115 x 38 cm

Aurea Lucas LCR

SKU: HC990115
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Colour: Black