The Digital Signal Processing feature (DSP) guarantees the linearity of the speaker systems. In other words, the signal received by the amplifier is exactly the same one delivered by the speaker. Even at very high volume, DSP systems ensure linearity without distortion or changes in either frequency response nor phase response.


As an alternative for technicians who don´t exactly love internal amplifiers, we offer this external LW 8080 DSP Processor to be installed in traditional 19" racks. Ready to work with our traditional EK Series V2 and VK Series stereo amplifiers MK Series and MUK Series multichannel amplifiers.


This DSP Processor is delivered with the presets for the custom choice of speakers included, and is valid for all types and series of LW speakers.


DSP main characteristics:


  • Size: 483 x 44,5 x 310 mm. 1 Unit high 19" rack
  • Weight: Since 3,5 Kg.
  • 8out/8in. configurable
  • Real Time operation from USB or front pannel configuration
  • 8x8 Model w Euro/Phoenix Connectors
  • Ethernet, USB, and RS232 Connectivity for Configuration and Control (wireless ready). Up to 16 devices.
  • 96kHz, 40Bit Floating Point DSP Engine and High/Performance 24 Bit Converters.
  • Processor Configuration via Front Panel or easy to use Console Software GUI.
  • Matrix Mixer.
  • 31 Band, 1/3 Octave GEQ per Input.
  • 8 Band PEQ per Input and Output.
  • Dual CrossoverFilters per Input and Output  with Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley & Butterworth Slopes.
  • 650ms Delay per Input and Output.
  • Input Compressors and Output Limiters.
  • Phase Correction.
  • High Performance Switch in Power Supply.
  • 30 Presets/Password Protection.

LW-8080 DSP Processor

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