The PA 8 ULTRA ELITE is a high-performance 8-channel Class D power amplifier with continuous ultra-high power capability, ideal for highly demanding speakers. The specific power supply is re-enforced to drive large subs or speakers.
The amp is operable in normal mode where 8 channels are powered (8 channels, 200W @ 8 Ohm and 400W @ 4 Ohm, all channels driven) or in bridged mode where 4 channels are powered (4 channels, 800W @ 4/8 Ohm).
ULTRA stands for the PA to offer higher current capability and supporting Bridged Tied Load output mode for a 4-channel high power configuration.

This ultra-high power amplifier comes with XRL inputs, remote control via trigger and high-quality speaker binding posts, that support banana plug and large wire sections.

Remote monitoring of the complete install (sound processor and power amp) is possible via network and Internet, for remote surveillance purposes.

The PA 8 ULTRA ELITE comes in a home or rack version.

Storm Audio PA 8 Ultra Elite Amplifier

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