Wolf Cinema is proud to present our latest development in ultra-short-throw home theater projectors - model TXF-950. Engineered with our BluHD™ 20,000 hour laser/phosphor illumination technologies, the TXF-950 will cast a breathtakingly realistic image for years to come - with never a lamp to replace!


Casting 3300 ANSI lumens with ultra-deep black level renditions, the TXF-950 is perfect for those more challenging installations, where the typical ceiling placement of a projector is simply not possible. The precision lens system will deliver true-to-life images with amazing 4K sharpness and excellent color depth from all your favorite SD, HD and UHD/4K content - including those 4K sources embedded with the latest HDR10 high dynamic range cues.


Imagine your personal screening room with the projector positioned just inches away from the screen, placed on a suitable table top in any room in the house. Your custom installation professional can engineer a 10' [~3 meters] diagonal 'rear throw' ensemble, with the projector hidden in-wall right behind the screen. Gather friends and family for an outdoor cinematic experience "under the stars" on a suitable screen - there's a wide range of placement possibilities with our new ultra-short-throw projector.


The TXF-950 is built around Texas Instrument's latest UHD/4K chip set, with XPR ultra-fast switching technology. This remarkable engine core accurately builds the required 8.3 million pixels of a true UHD/4K image, with the fast refresh rate and sharpness that only DLP technology can provide. Undoubtedly, this is Ultra HD/4K imaging at its finest!


Enthusiasts can also select an optional 4K ProScaler video processor, providing advanced video processing and switching via multiple HDMI 4K60p inputs and outputs. But perhaps most important, the ProScaler's remarkable E-VariScope™ technology makes viewing your favorite 1.78:1, 1.85:1, 2.35:1, etc. aspect ratios a snap, when mated with a suitable CinemaScope™ 2.35:1 screen.

Wolf Cinema TXF-950

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